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ESPN Then and Now

Bill Rasmussen: ESPN Then and Now

Comparative ESPN Statistics from 1979 to 2012

  Then Now
Date: September 7, 1979 2012
Locations: One in Bristol, Connecticut Multiple - worldwide
Subscribers: About 1.3 million Over 100,000,000 in US alone
Employees: 80 More than 6,000
Facilities: One 10,000 sq. ft. building;
3 satellite dishes
Approx. 700,000 square feet;
Multiple buildings;
50 satellite dishes
Land Area: One acre 116 acres in Bristol alone
TV Networks: One domestic ESPN on ABC
6 domestic cable networks:
    ESPN Classic
    ESPN Desportes
ESPN International - 46 networks
    All seven continents - 16 languages
    350 million subscribers
None Over 750 affiliates -
     largest sports radio network in US
ESPN Desportes MLB in Spanish
Publishing: None ESPN The Magazine -
     US circulation 2 million
ESPN Books
Digital Media: None
Other: None ESPN Enterprises
ESPN Mobile Properties
ESPN Mobile TV
ESPN Outdoors & BASS
ESPN Zone - Orlando
NFL Monday Night Football
BCS Championships
X Games
Winter X Games
International X Games

Today, ESPN is a worldwide media giant. It is one of the most amazing business successes of the last quarter of the 20th century.
That it happened at all is astounding . . . a shining example of entrepreneurialism in America. To hear the incredible story from one
of the country’s great entrepreneurs, schedule Bill for your next event and Share the Dream.