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"Bill Rasmussen dramatically altered and elevated the world of sports" Sports Illustrated 1994

If you are searching for just the right speaker of interest... the speaker with whom your audience will quickly relate... a speaker who has made a difference in our world, schedule Bill. Learn about ESPN’s history, of course, and see, feel and experience the indomitable American entrepreneurial spirit that spawned ESPN - the Worldwide Leader in Sports.

Today, ESPN is the biggest thing in sports! More than 30 years have passed since its inception and Bill Rasmussen is just as enthusiastic, just as passionate and still displaying the entrepreneurial spirit that took him to the top!

You can share his enthusiasm, passion and daring with your group - Contact us to make the arrangements today.

Bill Rasmussen with ESPN Announcer Chris Berman 2005Share the Dream with Bill Rasmussen

Bill’s speaking opportunities range from the college classroom to the corporate boardroom, from the locker room to the pitcher’s mound. See Bill in action.

Having been fired by the New England Whalers in May 1978, armed with a $9,000 credit card advance and enough cable TV knowledge to be dangerous, Bill’s fierce entrepreneurial spirit started the journey that led to the launch of ESPN on September 7, 1979.

In recounting the events, the people and the challenges met and overcome, Bill Rasmussen is inspiring, motivating and entertaining. Here’s an example of a question that is asked at most events:
Question: Why did TV Guide refuse to list ESPN programs?
Answer: Because “Real” Networks only have three letters! - Remember - this was back in 1979.

Make your next event one for the ages.

"ESPN may bcome the biggest thing..." Sports Illustrated, 1979